$6 Impromptu Dry Erase Board
Lexan Sheet from Lowes: ~3.50
U-Bolt and Hardware Kit: ~2.50

The rest I’m sure you can figure out.

A Giz reader made a good point. You should always wear your eye protection when cutting or drilling anything. It should go without saying, but well, there you go.

Also, LH and Giz kicked the crap out of the host. Nice! I probably should have been a little more proactive and braced for impact. Oh well…

  • http://www.DavidCDean.com David C Dean

    Lifehacker, pretty sure you set the whole server on fire.  Thanks for the link though!

  • Stu

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  • Raydean1

    I can’t believe I went to the John G. Shedd Aquarium with the famous David C. Dean!  It’s almost thrilling to be hanging around with a internet-famous guy like David.  I was his Scoutmaster, too, when he became an Eagle Scout and it’s all been uphill from there!  Great idea, Dave.  And we thought the double glass patio door idea was the best!  Wish you the very best, Budd!


  • http://www.DavidCDean.com David C Dean

    Thanks.  Matt said we’re headed to WI this weekend, I’ll give him a call tonight.

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  • Davy H

    Just went to Lowes & Home depot, both were selling their preset sizes of lexan for 30$ :(

  • DavidCDean

    Bummer… Did they only have the big sheets? I know you can find sheets on Amazon.com as well.

  • Rudy

    Thanks for the great idea! I want a clear dry erase to go over the monitor for my home schooling. My son is special needs, and that visual aid with his online curriculum would made a difference. I can afford $3.50! Very resourceful, thanks!

  • http://www.DavidCDean.com David C Dean

    That’s cool, I hadn’t thought of that application.  I’ll be interested to hear how it works out!