In Progress…

I never got to build my own model rockets as a kid. It’s surprising really, since I spent a lot of time launching far less flight-worthy objects through the air with ridiculous feats of garage chemistry. Remember this was before the days of YouTube (*sigh*, amateurs). So when I ordered a pair of model rockets for my nephews I was undoubtedly more excited than they were.

As usual I expected too much. My inner Calvin and Hobbes glared with disappointment when I rummaged through the kit to find the included “Estes Electron Beam Launch Controller“. It’s an underwhelming little device with nothing more than a safety pin, LED and small launch button. And while I’m sure it does its job, it didn’t exactly fit the NASA image I’d conjured for their first rocket launch.

So I set to work on something way cooler…



  • R. Lee Jacobson

    Hey David this looks sweet, I was wondering how it is coming. Planning on putting up plans?
    Thanks awesome!
    R. lee

  • David C Dean

    Thanks. :)

    It is functionally complete. I haven’t had a chance to properly decal it or photograph the circuit, but I do plan to. I also made a major oversight… the first iteration did not have a proper continuity test! As soon as those two things are done I’ll certainly post the rest.