Mini Bio

Information Technology Generalist. That’s how I say I do a little of everything.
No really… I do Network, Systems, and Telephony Administration, Infrastructure Design
and Implementation, Web and Desktop Application Programming. I kick around in Python,
Java, .Net, Apex, PHP, and C (with varied proficiency).

In short, I like to tinker with things and I’m always learning something new.

Just a few past projects…

CIR Shop

CIR Custom Store

Platform: Win IIS
Language: .Net HTML/CSS/JS

  • From Scratch Cart
  • Google Payments
  • Selective Shipping
  • Simple Intranet Mgmt
Android Tablet Application

Android Tablet App

Platform: Android
Language: Java

Launch Quiz for MCU Controlled Model Rocket Launch Briefcase

Platform: Linux
Language: Python + Django

  • Base36 Short-URL Gen
  • Captcha Protected Landing
  • Amazon Email API
Python Reader

Python RSS Reader

Platform: Linux – Python + Flask

Desc: In Progress.

Comcast Control

4x TV Receiver Web Control

Platform: Arduino/Web
  • Atmega328 PWM Control of Commercial IR Output Leads
  • Web based command forwarding to MCU
  • Facility Control of TV’s
CIR Website

CIR Website Programmatics

Platform: Various
  • Lead Insertion to Salesforce
  • Site Notice
  • Document Library
  • Gallery
  • 3rd Party Design to Site

Deal Day

CIR Group Buy Engine

Language: Various

  • Active Deal Time Mgmt
  • Deal Limits
  • Amazon Payments API – Batch
  • Purchased Deal Console
  • Digital Delivery


Employee Timekeeper

Platform: Win IIS
Language: .Net

  • Employee Punchclock
  • User and Manager Reporting
  • AJAX UI Elements
  • Calendar Select CSV Exports
Niventia HTML

Niventia Website

Language: HTML/CSS/JS

  • Eyeball Design to HTML/CSS/JS
  • Prep into .Net MP+Child Site Structure