1. Light & Temperature Sensing Blind Closer


  2. $6 Impromptu Dry Erase Board

    $6 Impromptu Dry Erase Board
    Lexan Sheet from Lowes: ~3.50
    U-Bolt and Hardware Kit: ~2.50

    The rest I’m sure you can figure out.

    A Giz reader made a good point. You should always wear your eye protection when cutting or drilling anything. It should go without saying, but well, there you go.

    Also, LH and Giz kicked the crap out of the host. Nice! I probably should have been a little more proactive and braced for impact. Oh well…

  3. My PICAXE Gets Its Own Board

    It seems like every time I want to play with those little picaxe chips, I can never find the stuff from last time. This board and cable came together pretty clean, so hopefully this way I’ll always have a rig around for tinkering…

  4. Universal LCD Mount – Concept Test


  5. IpGet.me – Whew, it’s finally online!

    IpGet.meI’m happy to announce that IpGet.me is finally online and processing requests. We got a good bit of buzz for a new service from an unknown shop, and a number of people are making good use of it. Woot!

    Go Big! accounts are forthcoming, and the basic features for paid accounts are largely complete. When everything has been reviewed and sufficiently polished we’ll be sending out an email, so jump on over and get yourself on the list!

  6. The Works of Shakespeare

    The Works of Shakespeare
    Trying to identify this book, as it has little information inside. I’m pretty sure from similar prints that it was sold some time in the 1860′s. If you know anything about it, please feel free to drop me a line. Also take a look at this Complete Works of Shakespeare, and let Meg know if you’re familiar with her copy. They’re from the same publisher: Thomas O’Kane, New York City.

    Click For More Photos

  7. Fix iPhone Support In Ubuntu Natty Narwhal (11.04)

    As of late the Apple iPhones and iPods have worked flawlessly in Ubuntu out-of-the-box. However, if you’ve upgraded your firmware to 4.2.x and tried it in Ubuntu 11, you’ll get a nasty message about being unable to mount.

    To fix this, add the following repo to your sources so we can install a few updates:

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pmcenery/ppa
    sudo apt-get update

    Followed by…

    sudo apt-get install ifuse libimobiledevice2 libimobiledevice-dev python-imobiledevice

    Plug your iPhone in, and you should be gtg!

    Quick Update: libimobiledevice1 has been replaced with libimobiledevice2. Thanks to crowdtube.tv for the heads-up.


  8. Java JRE in Ubuntu Natty Narwhal (11.04)

    As it turns out, the Sun Java JRE doesn’t exist in the Natty Narwhal Partner repo’s just yet. With some helpful advice on #ubuntu+1 (Freenode), this got everything up and working…

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