Tonight is the last Venus transit until 2117 and I didn’t really want to spend a ton of money on an off-axis or full aperture solar filter for my 130mm reflector. Looking around a bit I found that a common kind of black polymer sheet is often used to make less expensive filters instead of the more common (and expensive) Baader Planetarium AstroSolar Film.

With a sheet of poster board from walmart, xacto knife, scissor to cut the film and a hot glue gun, I was able to throw this little ugly duckling together.

Last minute fix will be to add clips or a shroud to make it hang on a little better. A good gust of wind could take this cap away. That’d be pretty awful when you’re looking at the sun.

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“I’m making a note here… huge success.”

Things went really well and folks got a look at something that won’t happen again for 100+ years. I’m happy!